CRM that Works!

CRM Experience and Independence


Arne Huse Consulting offers experience, expertise, and complete independence


  • Over twenty years’ experience developing CRM programs
  • Over nine years’ experience customizing MS Dynamics CRM solutions
  • Works with both MS Dynamics and ZOHO CRM programs
  • Completely independent of any software providers – focusing exclusively on client needs rather than potential licensing commissions
  • Exceptional workflow and customization capabilities
  • Have customized MS CRM to perform all primary ERP functionality for small to medium organizations – at a fraction of the cost of ERP solutions
  • Have led massive implementations, but now focus on small to medium sized organizations

Difficult Road to CRM Success


I was leading a massive MS Dynamics CRM implementation in the US when I realized that sales people, after stating their intent to use the CRM solution, were quietly doing everything in their power to defeat it.

“It is a strange dog that will willingly carry the stick with which it will be beaten” – Douglas Hartle

In my opinion, the quote above has everything to do with the extremely high failure rate of CRM implementations. The hard reality is this – with traditional CRM, if employees use the system as they are usually instructed, the data will be used to monitor and control their activities; and no statement from management to the contrary will convince employees otherwise.

I learned this paradigm had to change, or the CRM landscape would remain littered with failed projects.


I have developed specific programs and automated workflows designed to deliver exceptional value from your CRM implementation, without focusing on employee activity control.

Looking Over Shoulder

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We Believe in “Small-Form CRM”

Before we can manage relationships with customers or church constituents, we first need to understand those relationships. In order to fully understand our relationships with people, we need data.

Unfortunately, organizations often overestimate the willingness of their staff or volunteers to record their interactions with customers or constituents.

Our Small-Form CRM approach dramatically reduces the time and effort required to record CRM information.
We change the dynamics of relationship data collection by using workflows to deliver short, pre-populated forms to those asked to record information.