P.A.C.T. Mod’s for CRM

Do you trust the reports drawn from your CRM solution – accurately reflect what’s really going on with your customers and prospects? If your answer is “yes”, you probably don’t need the PACT modifications.

PACT modifications seek to address the (very) strong, effective, unspoken resistance sales teams have to the activity-control focus of CRM solutions.

Planning, Automation, Communication Tool (PACT)

PACT is a series of process and system modifications for virtually any CRM Solution. Created by Arne Huse, PACT is designed for teams with outside sales reps who call on particular customers, prospects, or areas on a rotating basis

Using underutilized functions found in most CRM solutions, PACT modifications take the focus off sales reps recording their activities, and on to providing the tools and information they need to be top performers.

PACT is particularly well suited for organizations utilizing rotating call schedules (i.e. a rep typically calls on certain customers every X weeks)