Arne Huse Consulting started with a doomed project

While leading a very large Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project based out of New Jersey, I was struck by contradictions between what people said they were going to do, and theiractual intentions towards using the CRM system.

My now infamous research paper “The CRM Dilemma” identified the incredible lengths that employees and managers will go to avoid having their activities revealed or controlled in a way that could potentially make them look bad, particularly in the eyes of superiors. Yet all this resistance remains unspoken and under the “cover of enthusiasm”.

A truth that I came to realize is simple, powerful, and completely underestimated in the business world today.

My entire business is now premised on the sentiment brilliantly articulated in a quote by Douglas Hartle:

“It is a strange dog that willingly carries the stick with which it is to be beaten.”

From Customer Relationship Management and employee surveys, to evaluating your safety culture or incentive program, understandingunspoken motivations can make the difference between success and failure.

I am a business analyst with a proven track record of delivering information once seemed impossible to obtain.

Arne Huse Consulting provides Business Consulting services to small-medium sized businesses in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, and delivers the unique Weekly Employee Survey and Safety Culture Assessment programs to North America.

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Arne Huse

Business and Human Behavior Analyst, Game Theory Enthusiast, Volunteer, Yarrow Alliance Church Treasurer, Board Member, Photographer, Cyclist

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