Church Management Solutions

by Arne Huse Consulting

A Customized, Managed Church Management Solution - Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform

An Integrated Church Management Solution


There are excellent stand-alone programs that perform church tasks such as:

  • Donation Management,
  • Worship team coordination, and;
  • Checking in Sunday School children.


Our integrated solution offers all of these modules, plus:

  • Multiple currency capabilities, including $CDN
  • Family and Individual profile management
  • Targeted communications and invitations via email and text messaging
  • Ministry group profiles and management
  • Group participation recording
  • Web forms with automated email routing
  • The ability to load area schools to link students with the schools they attend
  • Linking talents and spiritual gifts to individuals
  • Criminal records check management
  • Secure Pastoral notes
  • and much more! 


Answers to Important Church Family Questions


Because all modules are integrated in one system, church leadership will be able to gain understanding into the relationships between constituents and their church activities to answer questions such as:

  • What are the indicators a family is planning to leave the church?
  • What are the indicators a new family is “plugging in” to the church?
  • How does having your children in Sunday school affect giving?
  • What are the major life changes likely to affect giving?
  • What is the maximum number of lay-leadership roles someone should be allowed to take on?
  • How does joining a Care Group impact other areas of church participation?
  • Which of our programs are having the most impact in our church community?
  • What impact has increasing or decreasing a ministry budget had on outcomes?
  • What are the early indicators a marriage may be in trouble? 


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Does Your Church Have Community-Focused Ministries?

Microsoft offers charitable organizations exceptional pricing on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To find out if your church is eligible, please visit The MS Philanthropies Page for more information. Currently, the discount for eligible charitable organizations is approximately 75%