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Indicators you may need Arne Huse Consulting
  • It takes up to ten or more emails to schedule a meeting
  • You have forgotten more than one meeting in the last two months
  • You have employees that manually enter information from a your sales program into Excel, so you can get a report
  • You have over 500 emails in your inbox
  • You spend over ten minutes per day looking through past emails
  • You don't use some form of time and task management
  • Your employees don't have written goals
  • You don't know how much employee overtime has been worked this pay period
  • You don't have regular one-on-one meetings scheduled with direct reports
  • You don't know the status of every critical business project you have going on
  • You don't have an employee handbook
  • You don't have emergency contact information for all employees
  • You do have job descriptions for all employees
  • Staff are not sure who they report to
  • Your sales staff are not planning their time well enough
  • Your not sure if your incentive plans are working to your benefit
  • You are contemplating a major IT purchase 

Arne Huse

"Mr. Huse has the drive and energy necessary to see complex projects through to completion, guiding teams and customers through the entire process. He is both a team player and a professional who wins the respect of others through his integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in his teams."

Mr. Jim Megin 

Vice President Finance, CIO & Treasurer

Benjamin Moore & Co.

From a relatively young age, Arne began to demonstrate his leadership skills when at the age of twenty, he became the youngest 7-11 Store Manager in the history of the Canadian company. While a Sales Rep for a paint company in Prince George, BC in 1993, Arne purchased his first 486 laptop with the express purpose of using contact management to manage his large customer base. Growing his territory to one of the largest dollar and profit margin areas in the company, Arne was promoted to a sales territory in the Fraser Valley.


Arne moved to Benjamin Moore Paint in 1999, and took over the Fraser Valley territory. Through his selling skills, effective use of contact management, and business technology, Arne accomplished double-digit growth in all but one of the six years he managed his territory. In 2003, Arne was asked to lead the Canadian implementation of Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Benjamin Moore. Arne accomplished this while continuing to manage his growing territory, as well as attend the Sales and Marketing Management Program at UBC.


After completion of the Canadian project, Arne was asked to lead the business side of the North American CRM implementation for Benjamin Moore, full time. As the Senior Business Project Management Analyst for Benjamin Moore, headquartered in New Jersey, Arne lead the CRM initiative while continuing to live in Chilliwack. Arne has now gladly given up crazy travel schedule to work with companies in the Fraser Valley.


In 2007, Arne authored a research paper entitled “The CRM Dilemma” which has received much acclaim within the CRM industry, and has been noted on several internal Microsoft blogs for its unique approach to the lack of CRM adoption by users.

Arne has recently finished his second term as chairman of Yarrow Alliance Church and is currently leading the finance team. Arne will be heading down with a team again this year to build a house for a single mom in an impoverished area of Mexico.


For businesses and individuals, Arne brings a vast array of knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Business productivity applications
  • Strategic planning and brainstorming
  • Business project management
  • Project team coordination
  • ERP needs analysis
  • Customer relationship management
  • Primary and secondary market research
  • Mobile device applications, providers, and cost reduction
  • Product research
  • Space planning
  • Human resources planning
  • Employee bonus program development
  • Executive reports and decision making tools
  • Systems analysis
  • Sales planning
  • Public speaking and presentation creation
  • Email, calendar, task, and time management tools
  • Meeting and agenda planning
  • Navigating bureaucratic environments
  • Safety and security planning
  • Process automation planning
  • Internal communications

To accomplish these projects, Arne brings a unique consulting approach and is an expert in a wide variety of applications and tools including:

  • ZOHO Projects (Online collaborative and secure project management)
  • MS Outlook with Business Contact Management
  • MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • MS Visio
  • MS One Note
  • MS Dynamics
  • Clear Context (Great Outlook add-on)
  • Companionlink (Outlook BCM information for Blackberries)
  • Camtasia (Creating training and PowerPoint videos)
  • Snagit

Consulting fees are based on an hourly, daily, or total fixed-price project basis. Project work is only taken on in the Fraser Valley area, but speaking engagements are available worldwide.


Independence and Integrity

Arne Huse Consulting does not seek or accept remuneration from any software developers or distributors for purchases or decisions made by clients. AHC does not develop or sell software systems and all recommendations are made for the exclusive benefit of clients. All software used by Arne Huse Consulting has been legitimately purchased at retail pricing.