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Indicators you may need Arne Huse Consulting
  • It takes up to ten or more emails to schedule a meeting
  • You have forgotten more than one meeting in the last two months
  • You have employees that manually enter information from a your sales program into Excel, so you can get a report
  • You have over 500 emails in your inbox
  • You spend over ten minutes per day looking through past emails
  • You don't use some form of time and task management
  • Your employees don't have written goals
  • You don't know how much employee overtime has been worked this pay period
  • You don't have regular one-on-one meetings scheduled with direct reports
  • You don't know the status of every critical business project you have going on
  • You don't have an employee handbook
  • You don't have emergency contact information for all employees
  • You do have job descriptions for all employees
  • Staff are not sure who they report to
  • Your sales staff are not planning their time well enough
  • Your not sure if your incentive plans are working to your benefit
  • You are contemplating a major IT purchase 

Why do employees sit in the boardroom and all agree that CRM will help them be more successful, and then go out and do everything in their power not to use it?


This was the question I needed to answer.

Thus began a journey that resulted in a complete career change. 

       It is widely held that if you achieve the steps below, you can successfully implement Customer Relationship Management:

      • Having a vision for CRM that is held and shared by company executives
      • Utilizing a clear, customer focused strategy for CRM
      • Being fully collaborative with all CRM user groups and using proper
      • Using good change management principles
      • Evaluating and changing current processes so that CRM is not simply “Automating a flawed process”
      • Ensuring data quality
      • Having proper user training and follow up


    Unfortunately, my research yielded a reality that completely changed my understanding of the reason behind CRM failures.

    To read my research paper, please click on the link below.

    Independence and Integrity

    Arne Huse Consulting does not seek or accept remuneration from any software developers or distributors for purchases or decisions made by clients. AHC does not develop or sell software systems and all recommendations are made for the exclusive benefit of clients. All software used by Arne Huse Consulting has been legitimately purchased at retail pricing.