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Indicators you may need Arne Huse Consulting
  • It takes up to ten or more emails to schedule a meeting
  • You have forgotten more than one meeting in the last two months
  • You have employees that manually enter information from a your sales program into Excel, so you can get a report
  • You have over 500 emails in your inbox
  • You spend over ten minutes per day looking through past emails
  • You don't use some form of time and task management
  • Your employees don't have written goals
  • You don't know how much employee overtime has been worked this pay period
  • You don't have regular one-on-one meetings scheduled with direct reports
  • You don't know the status of every critical business project you have going on
  • You don't have an employee handbook
  • You don't have emergency contact information for all employees
  • You do have job descriptions for all employees
  • Staff are not sure who they report to
  • Your sales staff are not planning their time well enough
  • Your not sure if your incentive plans are working to your benefit
  • You are contemplating a major IT purchase 

A unique approach to business consulting


My success in consulting lies in my ability to look past what people and departments are saying what is motivating them, and instead focus on the factors that are likely motivating them. This seemingly cynical approach is extremely effective in developing systems and tools that people will actually use, and programs that will ultimately benefit my clients. The methodology I use also works very well if you are in a business that has to navigate bureaucracies. During an election campaign, you will never hear "we are going to introduce new taxes".

Here are some examples of unspoken motivating factors:

  • A three year government funding program that runs out of money in year two may continue to ask for RFP's

  • Rather than state "I don't want to tell you what I am doing" by entering their activities into CRM, employees will instead find other reasons not to use it (see "The CRM Dilemma")

  • In employee bonus programs, the theories of "perverse incentives", and "the law of unintended consequences", may actually bring about negative results, particularly with sales reps

  • Key employees may be planning to leave your company and you don't know it

  • Some of your employees may be wasting hours looking for files because their folders aren't set up properly

  • Employees may dread meetings set up by a certain individual because of lack of organization or poor PowerPoint skills


The amount of time and money consumed by these factors is staggering. 

The goal is not to confront these unspoken motivating factors, but rather to understand and accept them, in order to set up programs that will actually make a difference in your business.



Independence and Integrity

Arne Huse Consulting does not seek or accept remuneration from any software developers or distributors for purchases or decisions made by clients. AHC does not develop or sell software systems and all recommendations are made for the exclusive benefit of clients. All software used by Arne Huse Consulting has been legitimately purchased at retail pricing.