Arne Huse Consulting
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  • Business Analyst
  • Myers Briggs "ISTJ"
  • MS Excel "Ninja"
  • MS Dynamics CRM Expert
  • Software Customizations and User Testing
  • Avid photographer and cyclist
  • Treasurer-Yarrow Alliance Church

Douglas Hartle once said;

  "It is a strange dog that willingly carries the stick with which it is to be beaten."

The significance of this statement drives the way I approach business.  From Customer Relationship Management and Employee Surveys, to evaluating your Safety Culture, understanding the unspoken motivations of your employees and managers can make the difference between success and failure.

Arne Huse Consulting provides business consulting services to small-medium sized businesses in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, and delivers unique Employee and Safety Culture surveys to North America.
I was leading a massive MS Dynamics CRM implementation in the US when I realized that sales people, after stating their intent to use the CRM solution, were quietly doing everything in their power to defeat it.