Arne Huse Consulting
Business Solutions for Real People
Arne Huse Consulting is a small firm focused on helping clients obtain accurate relationship data from systems traditionally providing unreliable or incomplete data. Services Include:
  • CRM Solution Design that Actually Works
  • Employee Surveys
  • Church Management Solution Design
Improve Your Corporate Culture, One Question at a Time
From employee engagement, to safety culture, experience a single-question survey methodology that your employees will actually enjoy. Sometimes, slower is better.
Each survey presented as a single, positively-written statement
Response choices never change
Each survey viewed in isolation
Actionable results within hours
Ideal for smartphones
View-to-response in <30 seconds
Reduced "gaming" by employees and managers
Paper capable

Meaningful Survey Results Can Only Come from High Response Rates!
Regardless of the topic, an employee survey can only provide meaningful data if it achieves four primary goals:

  1. A response rate over 85%
  2. Represent a "gut reaction" from employees
  3. Be free of employee "gaming" (adjusting overall responses in order to increase or decrease their impact)
  4. Provide actionable results without overwhelming management with a "laundry list" of issues
The best way to ensure high response rates is to ask a single question with four consistent response choices. Employees know it will be quick and easy, and it works brilliantly on smartphones.
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