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Employee Engagement Surveys
Evaluate and improve your employee satisfaction, one question at a time.
Twenty-four, single-question surveys, all written as positive statements
Receive actionable survey results within hours
Surveys designed to not embarrass managers
Each survey is viewed in isolation to reduce "gaming"
Each survey program can run from eight weeks (accelerated) to twenty-four weeks, depending on client needs
Designed to be easily repeated at intervals during the year to measure change in employee attitudes
Paper capable
Ideal for smartphones
Thinking about Employee Surveys? Don't leave your results to chance.

Download the Employee Survey Decision Process Model below

Employee Engagement Survey Pricing Details
Two Survey, No-Risk Trial Offer!   
10 - 20 Recipients 
21+ Recipients   
Employee Engagement Survey Program Cost

$18 Per Employee   



Twenty four, single-question surveys written as positive statements    

Eight, Twelve, or Twenty-Four Week Program Options
 Included  Included   
  Customized Survey Delivery Days/Times

Individual and Consolidated Management Survey Reports   

Additional Departmental/Group Tracking

(For segmented and comparative survey reporting)
Minimum ten employees/group for anonymity   
$100 Per additional group   
Comparison reporting for clients repeating surveys within twelve months  
    Example: Total program cost for a company with 40 employees (Survey Recipients) to be surveyed and identified as three distinct groups for reporting purposes

(40 X $18) +  (2 X $100) = $920  
All prices in Canadian dollars and GST will be added to all invoices.
 Programs cancelled after two trial surveys will incur no charges. Posted prices subject to change without notice.   
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